Domaine Rimbert - Saint Chinian

Domaine Rimbert fact sheet

From the time since, Jean-Marie Rimbert has arrived in the village of Berlou at the northern most edge of the Saint Chinian appellation, he has established an international reputation as one of the most imaginative and unique young winemakers in this corner of the larger Languedoc wine region. A native of Provence, he arrived in the early 1990s to manage a vineyard for Château de Flaugergues and after 5 years scraped enough cash together to purchase the first of his parcels, attracted to the old vine Carignan and the schist-dominated soils in the north of this appellation.

Jean-Marie RimbertToday Jean-Marie has 20 hectares spread amongst 40 diverse parcels, locally called travers, each with a slightly different soil composition and exposition, but with the common threads being that of the Carignan grape and the flaky Schist rock with can be found throughout this sector of the appellation. Taken together, this grape finds a unique expression in this terroir unlike anywhere else, most closely resembling Pinot Noir. Indeed, Jean-Marie likes to say “Carignan is my Pinot”. And with small yields of 30hl/ha, as is the norm for his cuvées, his Carignan is indeed a cépage noble as it is in Burgundy. It is his pivot and it takes center stage in all of his red wines.

Following a course of agriculture raisonnée, which respects the natural vitality of the land by eschewing the use of any herbicides or pesticides and employing only the naturally occurring yeasts, the wines of Domaine Rimbert are naturally made wines. They are bottled with a minimum of filtration and consistently display intriguing notes of cherry and tart plum fruit and unmistakable notes of terroir which are sewn into the very fabric and essence of these wines. They are indeed for the lovers of wines with true character and soul. And they represent the pinnacle of expression of what a younger generation of passionate winemakers is bringing to the growing reputation of the larger region of the Languedoc.



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Saint Chinian, Les Travers de Marceau

Saint Chinian, Les Travers de Marceau Taken from the steep sloping vineyards (Travers) of old vine Carignan, the composition of this cuvee changes ever so slightly by the year, but as with all of Rimbert’s reds…

Saint Chinian, Le Mas au SchisteJean-Marie Rimbert is a jokester. He takes the name for this cuvée not only from loose, flaky, scree-like Schiste rock which abounds throughout the vineyards in this northern outpost of the Saint Chinian appellation…